Sunday, August 14, 2022

Farewell, Kimba Baby

Our beloved book star Kimba passed on Wednesday morning at 1:30 am. While we were fully aware she was 15 and had some kidney and anemia issues that were being treated, we expected we had at least a year left. The liver failure that hit quickly took us all by surprise, but I am grateful to the vet at our local emergency clinic for being so kind and respectful of the necessary decisions. 

My husband, Scott, discovered Kimba and Hiro in a box outside a house under construction when they were just a day or so old. Hiro was screaming, but Kimba was barely conscious. After some advice from our vet, Scott rushed to the store for kitten formula and bottles, and I was able to get Kimba to take a few drops and make it through the night. Before long, we would be calling her the White Cat of the Apocalypse. 

While Hiro and our younger cat Cheetara are still with us, there is a huge hole in our lives without the very large presence of Kimba. But she will certainly live on in the stories I've told about her, and the ones to come in the future. I just try to imagine that Kimba has returned to the ship and is beginning the first big steps on her life there as an agent. 

Rest in peace, Kimba Baby. We were not ready for you to go, and you are sorely missed. 


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