Monday, January 6, 2020

Cybils Book Awards Judging Underway

Just dropping a quick note here because I'm reading like mad, but I can't post any of the reviews until February. That's because the reading I'm currently doing is as a second round judge for the YA fiction category of the Cybils Book Awards.

Until the winners are announced, I won't be sharing my reviews of the fabulous finalists, but I can tell you who they are.

From the ones I have read so far, the first round of judging must have been challenging. They are all so good! Glad the final decision is by committee (five of us) and I don't have the weight of it only on my shoulders.

So, watch for reviews of each of these in early February. I'm writing them as I go, but won't share until then.

In the meantime, I am also up to my eyeballs in the very untidy rough draft of the guesthouse memoir Not Quite Serenity, pitching a handful of picture books, revising The Humanity of Tigers for an older audience before resuming querying, and beginning work on the sequel to Bianca. Life is never dull for a writer.

Why not join me in reading the finalists for this category? I have gotten all of them through my local library, so I bet you can too. Or you can discover the finalists in another area that might strike your fancy at this link.

Happy Reading!