Saturday, April 17, 2021

Happy 14th Birthday to Kimba and Hiro!!

There will be catnip. And there will be long naps. Maybe a kiss on the head or two. That's about all Kimba and Hiro need to be happy these days. 

Happy 14th Birthday to Kimba and Hiro!!

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Sunday the 18th is their birthday, and we know this pretty much to the day because when Scott found them they were newly born, cords still attached, and struggling to stay alive. Two siblings in the box with them were not so lucky. 

For those who have not heard the story, Scott was inspired to take Max for his evening walk earlier than usual. He heard what he thought was a seagull but turned out to be tiny Hiro screaming for her life, quite literally, from a box on the steps of a neighborhood house under construction. Our best guess is that the mama cat gave birth in the house but was then accidentally scared away by workers, who put the kittens in the box, hoping someone would take them. We did. 

While Hiro was screaming, Kimba was barely moving. We quickly got recommendations on how to bottle feed them and gathered supplies from a local pet store. That began several weeks of feeding every few hours around the clock, helping them go to the bathroom with the aid of a wet cotton ball, and finally adding two kittens to our household that already contained Max the dog, our daughters' cats Tabitha and Samantha (aka Slinky and Miss Fatty Cat), and El, our very senior tuxie. Buddy was walkabout at this point but would return in a couple of months. 

What would I have written my first book about if Kimba and Hiro had not joined our lives? Who knows! And I'm glad I never have to find out. 

While they are mostly grumpy old ladies now, they still rule the roost, sleep where they want, and make the most of their pampered, cushy feline lives. 

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

And maybe I'll see you at one of our upcoming events:

April 23, 24 & 25 Dogwood Festival, Siloam Springs, AR

May 8 & 9 Old Timers’ Day Steampunk Festival, Downtown Van Buren, AR