Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dragon Themed Book Sale

Make a quick trip to this link to check out some great deals on dragon themed "clean" read books. I'm participating in a multi-author cross promotion event, and some of the titles look really great. At the bottom of the page, there's an email you can sign up for to receive information about future sales as well.

Of course, Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess is on sale as my part of the event, so you can grab a copy on Kindle for 99 cents now through Jan. 9th. Maybe share a copy at this low price! 

I've copied the post from the above link for you convenience, but some of the prices may change during the promotion. Click the link above to be sure you are seeing the most current deals. Enjoy stocking up on some fun dragony reads!

Would you sacrifice your future to practice magic?Every child of Woolpren dreams of being a dragon rider, but few are chosen.  Ruskya must fight for his dragon's future.



After trying to eat Rudolph, a dragon ends up pulling Santa's sleigh.
A 1,500-word short story that is very silly.
An arrogant dragon and smartmouthed princess must learn to work together in order to save the world.Glacia didn't mean to fall in love with the mysterious boy who saved her —
it just happened.
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On an island where nightmares come to life, not all creatures are bad.  Here you'll find Melvin,
a bubble-breathing dragon who's eager to please.
The hope of their world may rest on the steel he wears at his side.A lost heir, a determined princess, and a love potion gone awry combine in a fairy tale-style adventure.



To keep the world from being destroyed, the
Last Key Keeper must free the dragons from their immortal prison.
When a dragon invades, a frail and delicate princess has to venture into the woods.  But is she brave enough to save them all?When Lyra opens her lost childhood book, she remembers her destiny and must save Dragonspeir's Alliance.



"To rule with dragons, you must become like one!"

The dragon falls as the raven rises.  A kingdom that does not remember its past may be doomed to repeat it.My life changed forever after I gave the last rites to a dragon . . .



An L.A. teen is transported to a world teeming with dragons!A dragon, who isn't supposed to exist.  A history of deadly secrets.  Magic has never seemed more complicated.



When Kyra finds a dragon egg, she goes against imperial law to protect it, and gains a powerful ally to find her mother's murderer.Dragons, people, and magical creatures reunite to face the evil bent on destroying them.The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn't be more different.



Born to rule.
Lived to heal.
Died to save.
Born again.
A lonely sea dragon wants a bride.  Chung Jo wants her father to regain his sight.  They will strike a bargain.When a young dragon prince is maimed in battle and shunned from his kingdom, he defies fate and eons of tradition by forging his own destiny.



Armed only with the love of a pacifist Healer, a young prince must ask the great dragons to help save the land from monsters.Rose didn't count on becoming a mother to a baby dragon.  Can three strangers of two different species become a family?They say the Age of Dragons ended, but one clan remains, destined to reclaim their ancestral home.
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Magic suppressed.  Magic exiled.  Magic murdered.  Where magic is involved, there can only be one conqueror.When a grieving dragon steals the child Samara is responsible for, she turns to a too-amorous knight to help rescue the child.




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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Blog Tour Thank You

Bianca's blog tour is now complete (though reviews are still coming in) and I just want to send a big Thank You to all the bloggers who participated. None of them are paid a red cent for taking part or doing a review, so it is always exciting when someone agrees to join a tour. Nearly everyone I had expected to make a post did so (there will always be a couple who fall out), and one even joined in once the tour was in progress. Over all, it was a big success. Take a second to visit any of these links that you didn't check out during the tour from Facebook or Twitter or Google+. Leave a comment for them.

And above all, don't forget that you can leave your own review for Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess at Amazon or Goodreads or whatever sites you prefer.

Thank yous go out to these bloggers (links to the actual promo or review post are now attached):

There is also a Pinterest board on my page with links to the sites that offered one.

Many thanks for a successful tour and book launch!!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Bianca Book Release and Blog Tour!!

Today is finally the day! Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess is finally loose in the world.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, it's not too late but the clock is ticking if you want it in time for the holidays. Click here to get autographed/personalized copies right from Meg, or click here to order from

Over the next 17 days, Bianca and I will be making appearances on a variety of blogs, Facebook pages, and even a podcast. Reviews will start popping up, and books will be mailed out. Very exciting! I'll be sharing the steps along the tour on my social media sites, and I'll wrap it all up with the links to every post here on Dec. 17. Thank you to all who decided to join me:

Dec. 1   Meg Dendler’s Blog & Book Launch/Blog Promotion

Dec. 2   Book ‘Em Book Club (Interview) &  Marion Marchetto (Review)

Dec. 3    Fundimental (Review)

Dec. 4    Ellie Mack (Review)

Dec. 5    Michelle Dunton at “Writing Fun” (Phone Interview) 

Dec. 6    H.L. Burke (Promo Post) & Typewriter Society (Interview)

Dec. 7   Amanda’s Books & More (Guest Post)

Dec. 8   Kay LaLone (Review) & Missy Sheldrake (Promo)

Dec. 10  CoffeeAddicts Book Review (Review)

Dec. 11  Waggy Tails Dog Blog (Review) & Lily Iona MacKenzie (Interview)

Dec. 12  Whispering Stories (Review)

Dec. 13  Read Explore Repeat (Review) & Cat Michaels (Review)

Dec. 14  Sorchia’s Universe (Promo Post) & Cover2CoverBlog (Review)


Dec. 16  Watch Jane Write (Review)

Dec. 17  Meg’s Blog for Wrap-up

 So I hope you'll follow along and join in Princess Bianca's journey out into the world! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Free Book Offer and New Book Release--Keepers of the Wellsprings

Please give a warm welcome to Missy Sheldrake! I'm thrilled to help spread the word about her newest book release and also about a VERY special promo offer in honor of Book 5.

Offer: The first four books in this series will be FREE on ebook on November 29th ONLY! That's a fantastic offer, so don't miss out. 

I freely admit that I have just learned of this series. It was the covers that got me. Amazing! I'm really looking forward to reading them and talking a long walk in the world of the Keepers of the Wellsprings.

 Click to go to Amazon and get free titles on 29th

Author/Illustrator Missy Sheldrake is proud to announce the upcoming release of Call of Elespen, the fifth and final book in her Keepers of the Wellsprings series.

This epic fantasy series tells the sweeping tale of a time when ruthless Sorcerers threatened the delicate balance of the Wellsprings--secret pools of magic revered and fiercely protected by fairy-kind for decades.

In Call of Elespen:

“Four offerings claimed. Two left. One, I can easily get. Ceras’lain. The other, Elespen. I don’t know much about that place. Only what I saw from the ship while I escaped from Sunteri. A jungle on either side of a wide river. A city I was forbidden to enter. Forbidden, even though I didn’t even realize it at the time…” -Tib, Dreamstalker, escaped slave

“They know our victory is nearing. They know we’re the Champions of Light. They’d rather keep us here, trapped in their lair, distracted from our quest to restore Brindelier and claim the Wellsprings.” -Flitt, fairy companion to Sir Azi Hammerfel

A vindictive Sorcerer King with a century-old grudge has spent decades gathering an army obsessed with claiming what their master feels he’s owed. Threatened by his dark dealings and sinister followers, will the Champions of Light succeed in claiming Brindelier’s Wellspring for the Dawn, or will its vast power fall forever into the hands of the unforgiving Dusk?

Who will triumph, Dawn or Dusk? Ally yourself with dragons, fairies, mages, knights, and muses in the epic conclusion to the Keepers of the Wellsprings series.

What reviewers are saying about the Keepers of the Wellsprings series:
“…this book had nice readability and should appeal to a wide range of audiences. Too often fantasy is written far too mature, or too childish. The author does a good job of not talking down to her audience, which leads to this readability range.” Fatho, Amazon Reviewer
Azaeli is an awesome young lady; one to watch in the role model stakes.” -T.L. Clark, Author
“…an enchanting read from start to finish.” J. Ortiz, Amazon Reviewer
“Epic, Epic, Epic, wow what an incredible book, story and entry to a fantasy realm. This has movie possibilities written all over it. Magnificent writing, adventure with good and evil and some that are in between the two. Dark forces and forces of light. It simply doesn't get any better.” -Kindle Reviewer

About the Author:
Missy Sheldrake is an author/illustrator who has been conjuring images of fairies in one form or another for as long as she can remember. The wind in the trees and the rich scent of forest earth are her most treasured sources of inspiration, and on most mornings you will find her wandering the wooded paths of her neighborhood, dreaming of the next adventure she hopes to put to the page. She published her first novel, Call of Kythshire, in March of 2015 and intends to keep writing as long as the fairies in her dreams allow it.

Galleries of illustrations and excerpts from the Keepers of the Wellsprings series can be viewed on her website and blog.

Missy can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and Pinterest. Her books are available on Amazon.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Paperback Books on Sale!!

I seriously over-purchased paperback books for a couple of events this year, like the Pet Expo, that turned out to be a real bust. It happens. But my business manager (aka my husband, Scott) does not like all that inventory going into 2018. He has uttered the words he never says: "Mark them down. Have a sale."

And so I am!!!

All of the paperback books I have on hand are on sale 30% off until Dec. 30 or supplies on that title run out.  That means that all the animal series books are $7 each and "At the Corner of Magnetic and Main" is only $10. I will still autograph and personalize them, just like normal.

If you want to get in on this sale, just click here to go to my shopping cart page at my website. These prices are not at Amazon. They'd never let me price them this low! It's only at my website on the copies that I have on hand. When a title runs out, I will change the price back to the normal retail price. First come, first served.

So grab those paperbacks for only $7 each 

and finish off your collection!! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bookstop, Kirkus, and War Eagle

So much is hopping around here. We are finally settled (sort of) in our new home in Springdale. Boxes are coming out of storage, and we are finding places for everything (and determining there is still more we can donate and move along). Several of you have mentioned worrying about the cats settling in, and I assure you they are all doing fine. We had a plan on how it would all work, and they have shown us their plan and decided much of it on their own. We try to keep up.

Cheetara took control immediately and supervised the unpacking.
We gave up on keeping cats off the kitchen counters long ago.

The master bedroom is the daily sleeping zone. Kimba, Hiro, and Miss Fatty Cat all insist on spending the day lounging and napping in there. Cheetara and Max follow me wherever I am and nap accordingly. Max is very excited about his new yard with a FENCE. He can just wander around and lie in the sun without supervision. He missed that very much, though he did love his mountain yard.

Miss Fatty Cat claimed the window viewing seat behind my chair once,
but she prefers the quiet of a bedroom for serious sleeping.
Kimba has taken to finding stealthy places to get away from the unpacking for serious naps.
She is very proud of this one and seems kind of sad when I spot her. So sneaky!

We are gearing up for the War Eagle Fall Craft Fair in a few days. It is our biggest event of the year. Four full days of hundreds of thousands of people can be overwhelming, but after having a booth there several years in a row I have discovered that people come looking for me and my newest book. That's about the best compliment ever. It is a huge party, so if you have never been, you should check it out. My booth is normally right across from the bridge in Sharp's Field. Stop by and say hello! You can even get a peek at a sample copy of Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess. 

I'm also participating in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Bookstop promotions this month. Authors/illustrators who have a book coming out in 2017 can purchase a promotion page, and you can stop in and "like" them or leave a comment. So many wonderful books! I've been working my way through them all slowly. Be sure to check it out. My page is at this link.

Besides this promotion, we are getting down to the final gasps for Bianca and her official launch day December 1st. The blog tour is filling up nicely, and I'm putting the final touches on the hardcover formatting. There will be some updates to the book cover as early reviews come in. I was thrilled to have Kirkus not only do a review but say lovely, quotable things. I can't post the whole thing here, but you can click on this link to read the review. Their pull-out quote is:

"Runs to surprising depths, and Sammy the donkey will live long in young memory."

I'm partial to the part about "spry and charming" and their words about my "exquisitely characterized animals" and that "Bianca, all told, is a memorable middle-grade heroine."


You can already pre-order the Kindle version at this link from Amazon. I also have pre-order links up at my website for paperback and hardcovers. I'll only be ordering the copies that I think I'll need for December, so be sure to get a pre-order in if you want a copy for the holidays. Then you will be assured of one in time. 

I'll also be participating in Fayetteville's Lit Fest. There are lots of wonderful events, and I'll be part of the Local Children's Author Festival on Saturday, October 28th, at the Fayetteville Library. Follow this link for more information on all the great speakers and events. 

That's all the excitement for now -- and it's plenty! I'm off to unpack a box. I hope you have a lovely week and are enjoying the fall weather. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Goodreads Giveaway

The Goodreads Giveaway for Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess is now underway! Five copies are up for grabs. Click here to enter.

I will also be having a drawing for five free copies from those who sign up for my Reader's Group at either Penned Con or War Eagle over the next few weeks. If you're in St. Louis, don't miss out on this fun event in just a few days.

So many amazing authors, all in one place, and it's a charity benefit for Action for Autism as well. How can you lose??

Hope to see you or meet you for the first time there.