Saturday, April 17, 2021

Happy 14th Birthday to Kimba and Hiro!!

There will be catnip. And there will be long naps. Maybe a kiss on the head or two. That's about all Kimba and Hiro need to be happy these days. 

Happy 14th Birthday to Kimba and Hiro!!

In celebration, you can enjoy the last few days of the 99 cent ebook sale or the paperback sales at Meg's Square Store. Seriously. The prices will all go back to normal by the end of next week. Grab them while you can!

Sunday the 18th is their birthday, and we know this pretty much to the day because when Scott found them they were newly born, cords still attached, and struggling to stay alive. Two siblings in the box with them were not so lucky. 

For those who have not heard the story, Scott was inspired to take Max for his evening walk earlier than usual. He heard what he thought was a seagull but turned out to be tiny Hiro screaming for her life, quite literally, from a box on the steps of a neighborhood house under construction. Our best guess is that the mama cat gave birth in the house but was then accidentally scared away by workers, who put the kittens in the box, hoping someone would take them. We did. 

While Hiro was screaming, Kimba was barely moving. We quickly got recommendations on how to bottle feed them and gathered supplies from a local pet store. That began several weeks of feeding every few hours around the clock, helping them go to the bathroom with the aid of a wet cotton ball, and finally adding two kittens to our household that already contained Max the dog, our daughters' cats Tabitha and Samantha (aka Slinky and Miss Fatty Cat), and El, our very senior tuxie. Buddy was walkabout at this point but would return in a couple of months. 

What would I have written my first book about if Kimba and Hiro had not joined our lives? Who knows! And I'm glad I never have to find out. 

While they are mostly grumpy old ladies now, they still rule the roost, sleep where they want, and make the most of their pampered, cushy feline lives. 

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

And maybe I'll see you at one of our upcoming events:

April 23, 24 & 25 Dogwood Festival, Siloam Springs, AR

May 8 & 9 Old Timers’ Day Steampunk Festival, Downtown Van Buren, AR

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Alien Rescue Cats Save Earth

 First of all, welcome to all the folks following this blog tour! 

At the end of this post, you can find a list of all the clean fiction indie writers who are participating in this tour. Be sure to check them out!

Now, if you are not familiar with my books but are just following the blog tour, you're probably wondering about the whole "alien rescue cat" thing. My middle grade Cats in the Mirror Series follows my own rescued house cats in their made-up alien lives. 

To start, here's the books in the series:

Amazon Kindle Link

Amazon Kindle Link

Amazon Kindle Link

Amazon Kindle Link

Amazon Kindle Link

This series all started with my rambunctious cat Kimba and her shy sister, Hiro. My husband found them in a box on the steps of a house under construction when they were only a day or two old, and we hand-raised them with bottles and loving care (see kitten images on sidebar of blog). Cats raised without a feline mother are often a bit odd and don't really understand how to cat well. Kimba and Hiro are no exception.


After years of their nutty antics, I started to get some ideas and began jotting them down.

One of the mantras for writers is to "write what you know," and I did just that. As Kimba grew up, I started writing short stories about her and how she is really an alien sent to monitor us and ultimately save us from an alien cat invasion. Those stories developed and developed until I realized I had a whole book series in the making. My daughters' rescue cats, Miss Fatty Cat and Slinky (not their real names), were worked into the series, and companion books about our dog Max and my daughter's dog Dottie found their own life as well--though the dogs in the books know nothing about the whole alien cat thing and just have adventures of their own. Each of the dog books is a stand-alone story, though you'll find fun tie-ins if you know the cat books. 

Amazon Kindle Link

Amazon Kindle Link

Being middle grade books and aimed at younger readers (though I have lots of adult readers as well), the whole series is squeaky clean. Or would that be meowy clean? 

If you'd like to check out any of these books, I've had a few deals going on this spring while I participate in conferences, blog tours like this, and prepare for Kimba and Hiro's 14th birthdays. Yes, 14! They've come a long way since those kittens the size of mice we found abandoned.   

All of my ebooks are 99 cents at all the sites that carry them, and if you look outside of Amazon, you can probably find Book 1, Why Kimba Saved The World, for free. Tap here for the link to my Amazon page

Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess is another of my middle grade clean reads, but we don't have time to go into her lengthy story (that started when I was in 5th grade) in this post. 

And since I haven't been able to do any in-person events of any size for a year now, I have some paperback sales going on at my Square site. Copies are $7 or $8 each, and there are special package deals. 

I'm always happy to Zoom-meet with homeschooling families or groups, so feel free to be in touch with me. You can also watch me read all of Max's Wild Night at YouTube--my first offering to families sheltering at home during the lockdown. 

Thank you to Story Quest Academy for including me in their blog tour of clean books for young readers. 

Story Quest Academy is a creative writing academy that focuses on
building essential skills through writing short stories and reading
books. Our goal is to help homeschooling tweens and teens to become
better writers. We want kids to LOVE stories, cultivate their creativity,
and boost their imagination.
Check out the other stops on the tour, and be sure to comment and share each post to be entered to win the prize pack filled with ebooks and a scholarship to Story Quest Academy! Tag @StoryQuesters so the host can see each of your entries.

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March 31st Molly Casperson

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

FREE Book: At the Corner of Magnetic and Main

In support of the Women in Publishing Summit this week, my paranormal women's fiction novel At the Corner of Magnetic and Main is FREE on Kindle from March 2-6th only. Grab a copy while you can!! 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Women in Publishing Summit and Ebook Deals

I'm gearing up for the Women in Publishing Summit the first week in March, and I'd love to have you join us! The summit is set up by the Write.Publish.Sell group, who offer training seminars year-round. I'll be speaking about Writing for Children, but the whole conference covers not just writing. There are webinars on marketing, self-publishing, editing, and so much more. Tap here to check it out for yourself! With in-person events still limited, this online conference will give you your writing fix and boost that inspiration to get moving with your 2021 goals. 

As a speaker at the conference, I'm offering up some deals to attendees, but even if you don't join the conference, you can still get in on my ebook sales. Every ebook from Serenity Mountain Publishing is on sale for 99 cents each. Even bigger news, At the Corner of Magnetic and Main will be FREE during the conference (March 2-6). Don't worry, I'll remind you closer to the date. 

Your easiest link to finding my ebooks on sale is my Amazon page. Some titles are available at other sites, but some are not. It's a technical thing. I'm working on it. 

Another fun piece of news: the audio book for The Tigran Chronicles is working its way through approval at all the best sites, and it is already available at Google Play. Grab yourself a copy! It will be available through Amazon at some point, but their process is glacial right now. Patience is a virtue, so I hear.

I'm holding out hope that it will be safe to attend some spring events, like SpringFest and the Block Street Block Party, especially the outdoor ones. Until then, happy reading, and grab yourself some 99 cent ebooks. Or an audio book. Or both! 

PS: In case you missed it, I still have the paperback book sale in swing on my personal inventory. Click on the images below to head to my Square store and check it out. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Merry Christmas 2020

It has been one of the weirdest years ever for most of us, but the calendar will change to 2021 in a few days and there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. If you're looking for some new books to keep you company during the winter ahead, here's my reading accomplishments for 2020.

There are two more books I'll finish before the end of the calendar year (Beloved by Toni Morrison and Breakfast at the Honey Creek CafĂ© by Jodi Thomas), and I'd love to hear your recommendations for books old and new. Drop a note in the comments section! 

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season, however you celebrate, and I look forward to seeing you in person again soon. 

Merry Christmas from Kimba and all of us here at Serenity Mountain Publishing. 

Monday, November 30, 2020

Holiday Paperback Sales

It's that time of year again for discounts on my back stock of paperbacks. This year is a bit different, however. I got all loaded up for spring events and, well, none of them happened. Or the summer ones. Or the fall ones. I only did a couple of very small events during the whole year put together. SO! That means I have a back stock on most of my titles and have put them on deep discount. Hopefully, there will be safe spring events in the future, but for today, everything must go. 

Here's the biggest deals:

Tap on the image or go to my website to take advantage of these discounts. Individual paperbacks are also on sale ranging from $7 to $9 for my children's books. At the Corner of Magnetic and Main is only $11 as well. I'm still more than happy to autograph and personalize them for anyone you wish. 

The Tigran Chronicles is not discounted because I only have four copies left in stock. I'll have more in the future, but not in time for the holidays, so grab 'em while you can. 

These prices are only on my personal inventory, not at any other website. At this point, I do not anticipate any discounts on ebooks.  

I hope you are all staying safe and continuing to be careful. There's a promise of a return to normal on the horizon. Until then, snuggle down with a good book, or two. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020