Saturday, February 6, 2021

Women in Publishing Summit and Ebook Deals

I'm gearing up for the Women in Publishing Summit the first week in March, and I'd love to have you join us! The summit is set up by the Write.Publish.Sell group, who offer training seminars year-round. I'll be speaking about Writing for Children, but the whole conference covers not just writing. There are webinars on marketing, self-publishing, editing, and so much more. Tap here to check it out for yourself! With in-person events still limited, this online conference will give you your writing fix and boost that inspiration to get moving with your 2021 goals. 

As a speaker at the conference, I'm offering up some deals to attendees, but even if you don't join the conference, you can still get in on my ebook sales. Every ebook from Serenity Mountain Publishing is on sale for 99 cents each. Even bigger news, At the Corner of Magnetic and Main will be FREE during the conference (March 2-6). Don't worry, I'll remind you closer to the date. 

Your easiest link to finding my ebooks on sale is my Amazon page. Some titles are available at other sites, but some are not. It's a technical thing. I'm working on it. 

Another fun piece of news: the audio book for The Tigran Chronicles is working its way through approval at all the best sites, and it is already available at Google Play. Grab yourself a copy! It will be available through Amazon at some point, but their process is glacial right now. Patience is a virtue, so I hear.

I'm holding out hope that it will be safe to attend some spring events, like SpringFest and the Block Street Block Party, especially the outdoor ones. Until then, happy reading, and grab yourself some 99 cent ebooks. Or an audio book. Or both! 

PS: In case you missed it, I still have the paperback book sale in swing on my personal inventory. Click on the images below to head to my Square store and check it out.