Monday, August 21, 2017

Five Great Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Please welcome Alexandra Seagal, editor at Animalso, who is sharing a guest blog with us today. Our rescue dog Max (now an old man of 12 himself) is very excited to talk about the benefits of adopting a senior dog. You can find out more about Alexandra and Animalso at this link.

Thinking About Adopting a Dog? 

5 Great Reasons To Get A Senior Dog 

Many people head straight for the puppies when visiting a shelter, but there are lots of healthy senior dogs that are waiting for a home too. Adopting an older dog comes with many benefits that you might not have considered. So, in this article, I’m going to share 5 reasons to get an older (and wiser) pooch.
Stick with me to see what they are!

1. Save a life

Most people prefer to adopt a puppy or a young dog. Yes, those little fluff balls with their puppy-dog eyes will melt the coldest of hearts. But sadly, this means that, at overpopulated shelters, it’s the older dogs that are the first to be put down.
So, adopting a senior pooch really can save its life. And wouldn’t that just feel great?

2. Spend less

Let’s consider the expenses that come with getting a puppy - various vet visits and vaccinations, spaying or castrating procedures, puppy classes, and you might even need to replace expensive household items if you get a particularly aggressive chewer.

Well, most senior dogs come vaccinated, neutered, trained, and they’ve already been through that pesky teething phase, so you won’t see your bank balance drop quite so much.

Just get her some quality senior dog food, a cozy place to sleep, some toys, a leash, and you’re set!

3. They’re not all “problem dogs”

Contrary to popular belief, most senior dogs are not in a shelter due to bad behavior. Actually, it’s usually because their previous owners could no longer look after them, whether because of financial issues, allergies, or a death in the family.

So, think twice before you brand senior dogs “problematic.” There is a story behind each older dog, and it’s usually nothing they have done that has landed them in a kennel.

4. Chill together

Don’t feel like waking up to whining at 2 a.m.? Or having to play with a bouncy, energetic puppy throughout the day? What about going through the whole potty training ordeal, and - let’s be honest - probably having to clear up more than a few accidents?

Senior dogs are generally much more chilled and require much less work, meaning there will be minimal disruption to your current routine. You can simply enjoy their companionship, snuggling together, enjoying calm walks - oh, and you’ll get to sleep through the night.

5. What you see is what you get

With puppies, it’s not always clear how much they will grow or what personality traits and behaviors they will develop. Will she get on with children, cats, and other dogs? Will she be small enough to carry? What color will she be?

The great thing about getting a senior dog is that you know what you’re in for. Straightaway, you will be able to see her size, color, and temperament - you’ll even know her food preferences. This means it’s much easier to get the right match for you.


So, if you’re considering adopting a dog, don’t overlook the seniors. They can make great pets. Compared to puppies, they are far less costly, more chilled, plus they have already grown into themselves, so you’ll be able to judge if they are the right fit or not.

Remember, most of them are there through no fault of their own, and, by choosing one, you could be saving her life.