Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Summer Updates, Fall Festivals Cancelled

First of all, if you follow me on social media you may have seen that I tested positive for COVID-19 on July 22nd. While it wasn't pleasant, and I just got my sense of smell back a few days ago, I was fortunate to never feel that I needed to go to the hospital. Besides continuing to tire easily, all is well. I still have no idea where I got it because I've been ridiculously careful. Wear. Your. Masks!! 

Along those same pandemic lines, I can share that the War Eagle Craft Fair and Festival, where many of you may have met me, is cancelled this year. Or "postponed," as they say, which means they don't have to return money for vendors who already paid. My booth has always been over in Sharp's Field, which is really a separate fair, and I have not officially heard from Lucy Sharp that she is cancelling as well, but I'm making that assumption. 

To say that it has been a rough year for makers and artists and writers and all of our sort is putting it mildly. My best and most productive (and most fun!!) events during the year are fairs and festival where I can meet people face to face. They've all been cancelled, and probably rightly so. However, don't forget that people are still out there hawking their wares. Buy from them online! 

Along those lines . . . you can assure you get a first-round copy of The Tigran Chronicles by going to my online store through Square and getting your paperback! That much is already up at Amazon, but the release is not official yet as the ebook versions and hardcover are still in process and many sites have slow tech integration and issues that not everyone who is best at fixing are around to handle. 

I will be speaking at the White County Creative Writers Conference over the Labor Day Weekend, and that will actually be an in-person event because the group is relatively small. Join us!! I may have some copies of The Tigran Chronicles available if they arrive in time. Yay!!

For now we are just moving forward with getting this year's book done and published and into the hands of readers. Hopefully there will be calmer days ahead for the whole world.