Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Birthday, Kimba and Hiro!!

 Monday, April 18th, is 

Kimba's and Hiro's 15th Birthday!!!

We never could have anticipated the impact finding those tiny newborn kittens in a box would have on our lives. Beyond loving them to the moon and back, writing about Kimba started me on the book publishing journey that now includes eleven titles. 

Tiny babies in their bathtub nursery with a stuffed mama cat.

Big yawn from a tiny Hiro. You can see Kimba's head under her.

My, Kimba, what big ears you have!

We are grateful to still have them with us and living healthy, if a bit slower, lives. Kimba doesn't climb ladders anymore, but she chitters at us anytime we step out of line or alter her schedule. Hiro still convinces Daddy to do everything she wants. We are all looking forward to many more happy years. 

Hiro still comes running when a bag of anything cheesy opens.

Kimba is still the queen of sleeping in freshly cleaned sheets.

We will be at the Dogwood Festival in Siloam Springs, AR, next weekend, so stop by the Serenity Mountain Publishing booth and say hello . . . and pick up a book or two. 

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