Friday, January 27, 2017

"Dottie's Daring Day" is HERE!

Paperback copies are in hand. Everything is set at I can officially say that "Dottie's Daring Day" is here and ready to launch out into the book world. This is the second companion book to my Cats in the Mirror series.

Readers made it very clear that they wanted another dog book. "Max's Wild Night" is a best-seller, so it only seemed logical that another dog book should be on the agenda. But even back when Max's book was brand-new, the wheels were in motion. We had a booth at a spring craft fair. Daughter "Mindy" came to visit with her dog Dottie and said that I had to write a book about HER dog too: "Dottie's Daring Day." The title was born then and there.

Dottie even helped sell books that day.

Well, once a title like that is out in the world, how could I avoid writing it??

While Max's book is set around our home here in the Ozark Mountains, Dottie's book is set around her home in Fayetteville. As I did school visits last year, I asked students what they thought a dog would do loose in the area around the University of Arkansas campus. They had fantastic ideas, many of which made it into the book.

Dottie didn’t mean to run away. But when she accidentally slipped out of her collar on the Razorback Greenway Trail during a Saturday walk, she began a day of adventure—exploring the town and the University of Arkansas campus. Along her journey she meets new friends and even learns how to Call the Hogs. She always planned to be home before dark, but will she still be able to find the way back to her girl Mindy when her daring day is done?

To get your own copy, you can click here to purchase a Kindle or paperback copy from amazon. But if you want a signed, personalized paperback copy (with matching bookmark), you can purchase them directly from me at this link thorough PayPal and at my website.

There are also matching toys to go with the book at the shopping cart at my website. What do you think? A pretty good match?
Dottie toy, available at
Dottie is excited to have her very own book. Finally!

I hope you enjoy the next installment in my book series! We won't be walking away from the cat series completely, but 2017 is going to be the year we focus on a different book I have been working on for many years in various forms. I love the current MG/YA version. It is in the last stages of being critiqued by my talented writing group, so I look forward to having a final version ready to begin promoting by summertime.

Let's just say, "Beyond this point, there be dragons."

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