Monday, June 10, 2019

New Release: A Rough Draft

All Kayla Cash has ever dreamed is to be a writer. Her quiet little house, nestled in the Rockies of Wyoming, is the perfect inspiration for her novels. That is, until a new neighbor moves in and turns her serene piece of property into a construction zone. Her tranquility is further rocked when she finds the one making all the racket is none other than the one that broke her heart, Sawyer Evans. To Sawyer, Kayla is the one that got away and he can’t shake the feeling that moving next door to her is his chance to, not only make amends, but to win her heart again. He could only hope living next to Kayla in a place called Heart Mountain was more than just a coincidence. Kayla must decide how to write the ending to her own story. Will she risk letting Sawyer into her heart again, or will he forever remain a rough draft?

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A Rough DraftA Rough Draft by Jennifer McMurrain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A delightful story full of second chances with an exciting conclusion. An extra star for the ongoing conversations about strawberry tarts. And it's about an author, so that gets it an extra star too. A perfect choice for readers who love a good romance.

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About the Author:

Having a great deal of wanderlust, Author Jennifer McMurrain traveled the countryside working odd jobs before giving into her muse and becoming a full-time writer. She's been everything from a “Potty Princess” in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park to a Bear Researcher in the mountains of New Mexico. She has won numerous awards for her short stories and novels, including hitting #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list, in the paid market, with her debut novel, Quail Crossings, and being a 3rd place finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards for her paranormal romance novel, Winter Song. She has eight full length novels, eight book collaboration, and numerous novellas and short stories published. She lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, with her family. You can find more information at


  1. Wonderful post. Jennifer McMurrian is among my favorites. She deserves every accolade. And, she's the queen of short stories. Just sayin'.

    1. Be sure to grab your copy of this book. It's delightful!

  2. Heading over to grab my copy. Excited for you and love the concept of this story.

    1. Jennifer is a wonderful writer. I hope you enjoy it!