Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mystery of the Painted Book, Pen & Quin: International Agents of Intrigue

As a part of Children's Book Week, I'm excited to announce the release of The Mystery of the Painted Book, a Pen & Quin: International Agents of Intrigue story.

When twelve-year-old twins Penelope and Quintus Grey Reyes are sent to Mexico to spend the summer with their grandparents, Pen creates a website advertising their services as international agents of intrigue. A mysterious client hires them. The assignment? To locate the Codex Cardona - a rare 15thcentury painted book.

The twins discover Abuelito, their grandfather, once searched for the same book, but he gave up the search when a friend disappeared. The book is rumored to be cursed, but Pen knows curses don't exist. Quin isn't so sure, and when Abuelito is attacked at the museum where he works, both twins are certain it has something to do with the missing codex.
While Pen and Quin track down the mysterious book, greasy art professor Flores follows their every move, but someone else is watching them too - someone who doesn't want the Codex Cardona to be found. The twins must draw on their combined skills of art and technology to uncover the mystery of the painted book.

I met the author for the first time several years ago when we ran our guesthouse in Eureka Springs and she came to stay with a group of friends. We run in the same NW Arkansas author circles, so we've bumped into each other several times since then, including recent video interviews with More Than A Review we both recorded. I'm thrilled that she accomplished her goal to have a book published!

You can find out more about this book and her tour schedule by tapping here.


Monday, April 29, 2019

Children's Book Week Ebook Sale

Happy Children's Book Week! Just a quick note to let you know that all of my children's ebooks are on sale for 99 cents each through the end of the week. We started by celebrating Kimba and Hiro's 12th birthdays, but I decided to let the sale run through this celebration as well. You can even find Why Kimba Saved The World for free at Smashwords and other sites (but not Amazon so far).

Here's the links, for your convenience. Enjoy and feel free to share the kidlit love!

Why Kimba Saved The World
Vacation Hiro
Miss Fatty Cat's Revenge
Slinky Steps Out
Max's Wild Night
Dottie's Daring Day
Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess

And for those of you who like hard copies, Amazon has several of my hardcovers for ridiculously low prices. The last I checked, Why Kimba Saved The World was less than the paperback version! I have no control over these prices, but you can get to them through the same links.

Happy Children's Book Week!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

This Cursed Flame Release Blog Tour

 Click to purchase on Amazon

Sometimes we put ourselves in the bottle...
Six years ago, Janan was transformed into a genie by an evil djinn, ripping her away from her home, her life, and her humanity. She has been on the run from him ever since. Worlds away, high school honors student Laurelin just wants to get into the chemistry program of her dreams.
When Laurelin discovers a crystal bottle that sucks her into the djinn realm, the girls find themselves working together to escape Janan's creator and get Laurelin back home. But war is brewing in the djinn realm--a rebellion led by the same evil djinn they've been trying to escape. And he is determined to rule both the djinn and the human realms. As his creation, Janan is the one person standing in his way.
But to stop him, Janan must learn to overcome the fears he instilled in her and embrace her own dark magic while Laurelin must accept that some things are more important than an A+. Now, they will have to trust each other, and themselves, to stop the encroaching evil. Otherwise, both the human and djinn realms will fall to the tide of death and dark magic this war will unleash.
About the Author

Selina is a biologist-by-day, writer-by-night native of Pennsylvania. She lives with her husband, dog, and two cats and spends her time writing, reading, creating art, and dreaming about fictional worlds. Besides writing and sciencing, Selina also runs an author support business, Paper Cranes, LLC, that provides editing, consulting, and mapmaking services to authors, writers, and students. She has written two fairy-tale retelling short stories that were both finalists in Rooglewood Press short story contests and an exclusive fantasy short story, Queen of Mist and Fog, available through her newsletter. This Cursed Flame is her first novel.

Selina can be found online on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, her blog, and through her email newsletter.
Book Links

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Be sure to visit other stops on this blog tour for reviews and other book release fun!

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Where the Crawdads Sing Review

Where the Crawdads SingWhere the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was fabulous. Beautifully written. Had me totally wrapped up. Make sure you set aside time for the last 100 pages in one go because you won't be putting it down. The hype and fuss around this book are deserved.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hardcovers Are Here!!

After many months of formatting and preparations, I'm thrilled to say that all of my middle grade books are now available in hardcover. Perfect for classrooms and libraries!

As readers, you can purchase the hardcover versions just like you would the paperback at Amazon or through my website if you want signed copies.

Schools and libraries go through a different process. If you would like to share my books with your local library or elementary school, just shoot me a quick email and I can send you the form they want to see with all the ISBN information available from the Ingram catalog.

Serving schools and libraries is the main reason I devoted so much time and energy into creating the hardcover versions my books. I'm a big fan of libraries and visit mine most weeks. Having my children's books available at libraries where anyone can pick up a copy for free is my goal for 2020. Readers recommending books to their own librarians is always a HUGE help. Share the love with your community!

What also spawned out of this reformatting/hardcover version process was Second Editions of all of my Cats in the Mirror books. For the most part, you wouldn't notice much difference in the text unless you were really comparing. It's mostly minor adjustments. But all of the books now have the "words you may not know" section at the back. (Bianca is separate from this series and does not have vocabulary in the back.)

Second Editions of all of the Cats in the Mirror books should be available at Amazon by the end of April. The last two are still processing. By the time Kimba's Christmas comes out in July, the whole series in paperback will be up and running with a fresh face, a couple of new covers, and cat stories for everyone! (Note: ebook second editions will be rolling out during the fall)

That's all for now. Kimba's Christmas is going through final formatting and proofreading and will be out in the world shortly. In case you haven't seen it, here's the cover. Yay, Kimba!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hound of Darkness Blog Tour & Book Release

Do you love cats? Do you enjoy frolicking fantasy, sweet romance, good versus evil, and stories with a good redemption angle? If so, you’re sure to fall in love with The Witching Hour, a fantasy with fairy tale themes and lots of giggles. And CATS! Don't overlook the importance of cats.

Part One: As shadows encroach on the city of Lite, one cat stands between humanity and the hounds of darkness. Romeo takes it upon himself to find a suitor for his human Isabel in order to save the city and sets his sights on the unlikeliest of candidates. Can true love really save the day?

Part Two: When Isabel disappears in the middle of the night, matters take a turn for the worst. Romeo finds himself trekking through the dangerous wildlands to rescue the young queen with a clownish wizard, a sassy she-cat, a pretty healer, and a mysterious solider. However, their only hope may be the very thing Romeo fears most. Can Romeo and his friends save the day before the shadows consume them?

The Witching Hour is a frolicking fantasy adventure with fairy tale themes and clean romance. Perfect for fans of Diana Wynne Jones and Lloyd Alexander.

Rated: PG for thematic elements and mild battle sequences

You can enter to win a FREE paperback of THE COMPLETE STORY, Parts One AND Two in one cute paperback. To enter, simply enter the rafflecopter giveaway. Winner will be chosen March 30th. This giveaway is US ONLY. Enter the Giveaway!

To get your own ebook copies without delay, click HERE for a free copy of Part One and HERE for a copy of Part Two for only 99 cents. 

Here's my lovely review from Goodread. Absolutely 5 stars!

The Witching Hour: Hound of Darkness (The Witching Hour Series Book 2)The Witching Hour: Hound of Darkness by Savannah Jezowski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Decided to read this as part of the blog tour for the book release because, you know, magical cats. (So disclaimer, I guess, that I received this copy for free with no review guarantees, blah blah blah.)

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Light vs dark, good vs evil, all the good stuff you'd want and sassy cats to go with it.

If you haven't read Part 1, there is a link to get it for free at Amazon at the beginning of the book--it's really a short story, not a full book.

A great read for kids and the YA audience, though fun for adults as well. Recommend!

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Author Bio –
Savannah Jezowski lives in Amish country with her Knight in Shining Armor and a wee warrior princess. She is the founder of Dragonpen Designs and Dragonpen Press, which offers author services such as cover design, developmental edits, and interior formatting. Her debut novella “Wither” is featured in Five Enchanted Roses, an anthology of Beauty and the Beast, and is a prequel to The Neverway Chronicles, a Christian fantasy series filled with tragic heroes and the living dead. She is also the author of When Ravens Fall, a Norse Beauty and the Beast retelling. She is featured in several Fellowship of Fantasy anthologies, including Mythical Doorways, Tales of Ever After, and Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales. When she isn’t writing, Savannah likes to read books, watch BBC miniseries, and play with cover design. She also enjoys having tea with her imaginary friends.

Be sure to check out all the stops in The Witching Hour Blog Tour. I'm near the end of the tour, but there have already been some great posts. There are fun character interviews, guest posts, book reviews, and more!
March 19 –
March 25 – RELEASE DAY

Monday, March 11, 2019

Dragons & Unicorns & Book Deals!

Today I'm excited to share the release of a new book by my friend Kandi Wyatt and a fantastic sale on this series!

 To purchase this 99 cent deal!!

Book 1 in this series, An Unexpected Adventure, is only 99 cents for a few days. I was so happy for Kandi when I got the BookBub notice about this sale today. It's so HARD to be featured in one of their ads! Go, Kandi! You should pick up a copy today and join in the celebration. Just click on the ad above to go to Amazon and grab it.

What all of this partying is about is the release of Book 2 in this series, An Unexpected Escapade, which is also on 99 cents for a limited time. Here's a bit about it.
 Click to pick up this great deal too!

Protect friendship, family or a creature that's not supposed to exist? Ana and Daisy have been friends since third grade, but a rift in the space-time continuum in their little town may change that. When a unicorn waltzes into the pasture with Daisy’s appaloosas, a poacher, who will stop at nothing to gain the unicorn horn and its healing tears, shows up. Daisy is focused on saving the unicorn while Ana’s parents face sudden life-threatening health issues. When Ana learns about the healing tears, she’s forced to choose between friendship and her family’s health. Can the girls find the grace to compromise and save Ana’s parents and the unicorn?

How can you resist dragons and unicorns and all for only 99 cents each! 

Here's a brief interview with Will, the main character, in case you still need convincing.

What is your name? Please describe yourself for my readers.            I’m Will Long, a freshman at Myrtle Beach High School. There’s nothing really special about me. I’m about normal height with blonde hair. 
What is your favorite occupation?            If I could do anything I wanted to, I’d be at Carl’s Crab Shack every single day. I love fishing and hunting; so it’s a dream come true that he trusts me with his boats and his business.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?            Most people would think it would be a person here on earth, but not me. The one who’s most important to me is Jesus. He’s helped me through so many ups and downs. My family hasn’t had the most money, but we’ve learned that Jesus can provide just what we need. I’m trying to tell that to Carl’s daughter, Ana. She’s going through a pretty tough spot right now. I really hope everything turns out alright.

What is your favorite journey?            The best thing for me is being out on the ocean. I’d love to make the trip back to the island where Steria is. It was awesome to have all my friends together and Mr. Behr all on a boat that I was driving. They looked to me to get them where they needed to go, and it was perfect.

When and where were you the happiest?            Ah, that’s easy! It was really some of the most miserable of times and the best of times. In April my friend Chace talked me into hunting for thundereggs on the beach. What? Oh, those are Oregon State rock. You crack them open, polish them, and they’re beautiful. Anyway, we went looking for them on the beach and instead discovered an egg. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but deep down I knew it was true. To my shame, I betrayed my friends and Steria to a government agent, but later I made it up by helping get Steria to safety. From June through August those were the best months ever! We were such great friends and had the hours to be together when I wasn’t at The Crab Shack. Man, those were great days!

I hope y'all take advantage of these two fun books at such a great price -- and congratulate Kandi on the release of a new book baby into the world. Yay!! 

Here's a bit more about Kandi Wyatt and where you can find her and her books. 

Even as a young girl, Kandi J Wyatt, had a knack for words. She loved to read them, even if it was on a shampoo bottle! By high school Kandi had learned to put words together on paper to create stories for those she loved. Nowadays, she writes for her kids, whether that's her own five or the hundreds of students she's been lucky to teach. When Kandi's not spinning words to create stories, she's using them to teach students about Spanish, life, and leadership.

Where to find her:

Other Books by Kandi J Wyatt:

Dragon's Revenge:  

Dragon’s Posterity:

An Unexpected Adventure:

Journey from Skioria:

The One Who Sees Me: