Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hardcovers Are Here!!

After many months of formatting and preparations, I'm thrilled to say that all of my middle grade books are now available in hardcover. Perfect for classrooms and libraries!

As readers, you can purchase the hardcover versions just like you would the paperback at Amazon or through my website if you want signed copies.

Schools and libraries go through a different process. If you would like to share my books with your local library or elementary school, just shoot me a quick email and I can send you the form they want to see with all the ISBN information available from the Ingram catalog.

Serving schools and libraries is the main reason I devoted so much time and energy into creating the hardcover versions my books. I'm a big fan of libraries and visit mine most weeks. Having my children's books available at libraries where anyone can pick up a copy for free is my goal for 2020. Readers recommending books to their own librarians is always a HUGE help. Share the love with your community!

What also spawned out of this reformatting/hardcover version process was Second Editions of all of my Cats in the Mirror books. For the most part, you wouldn't notice much difference in the text unless you were really comparing. It's mostly minor adjustments. But all of the books now have the "words you may not know" section at the back. (Bianca is separate from this series and does not have vocabulary in the back.)

Second Editions of all of the Cats in the Mirror books should be available at Amazon by the end of April. The last two are still processing. By the time Kimba's Christmas comes out in July, the whole series in paperback will be up and running with a fresh face, a couple of new covers, and cat stories for everyone! (Note: ebook second editions will be rolling out during the fall)

That's all for now. Kimba's Christmas is going through final formatting and proofreading and will be out in the world shortly. In case you haven't seen it, here's the cover. Yay, Kimba!

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