Friday, April 14, 2017

Birthday Book Sale

As I mentioned last time, Kimba and Hiro are celebrating their 10th birthdays on April 18th. We are having a party over on Facebook, and you are welcome to join.

Also, just a quick note: I'm having two kinds of books sales during this birthday party (now through the 18th).

1) Why Kimba Saved The World is free on Kindle, and all of my other animal series books are 99 cents. 

2) Paperback are available at event prices for that same time frame. Single paperbacks are $10 and come signed with a matching bookmark. Event prices are--

Any 3 series books: $27
Any 4 series books: $35
Any 5 series books: $43
All 6 series books:  $50

My website shopping cart will not give you these prices, but if you send me an email at this link I will create a sale invoice for you. Payment can be made through PayPal or Square.

Now we just have to decide exactly what kind of cake to make these silly girls. Hiro has suggested that one made of Cheez-Its would be excellent.

Happy 10th Birthday, Silly Babies!

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