Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Book Is Here!!

I've been waiting for amazon to sync up the kindle and paperback pages, but they are taking way too long. I at least have to blog about the fact that At the Corner of Magnetic and Main is available and beautiful and ready to order! I can be quiet no longer.

 kindle amazon link

Click on the cover above for the kindle version.

paperback amazon link

Click on the cover above for the paperback version.

Click here to order a signed paperback and matching bookmark directly from Meg. The first shipment should be going out on Thursday. Yay! 

And it even has a review already at amazon, sort of. You can't see the text yet, but I found it through my author central page. Here's what Susan had to say about this book: 

"I'm so excited to see this title out on Kindle. Full disclosure, I was asked to be a beta reader for this work several years ago. Meg is a friend of friends who know we both write. I started it and then some major events in my life interrupted any "fun" reading for a long while. I lost the link and life went on. But these characters and the small town setting have stayed with me all this time. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes out for Penny and Jake. So, I'm cheating here, not having read the whole book, but I wanted to be the FIRST of what I'm sure will be a raft of good reviews. I figure any plot line and group of characters that can stay in my head for this amount of time deserve four star recognition."

Yes, it takes several years to do a book right. It has been a long and involved process. Publishing any book is. But having it ready to share with the world has been worth every step. 

My first event to officially share this book with the world starts on Friday, October 9th, at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference here in town, and I can't wait! I'll blog all about that next weekend, right before we head into four days at the War Eagle Fall Craft Fair. 

That's all for now. I just wanted to shout out that IT IS HERE!!

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